Candy plays in the garden, singing a little song
Mummy cooks in the kitchen, a typical Sunday meal
Little brother Joe watches cartoons on the TV
But Daddy’s not around, he’s away on business Mama said

When the sun goes down
Ghosts and witches they dance around my bed
When the sun goes down,
I pray for you to come and protect me against them

On the first day of school children have to fill the form
Where do you live, what do you want to do when you grow up?
The task is easy for the other little boys and girls
But next to father’s occupation Candy always leaves it blank

Once a month mummy’s gone for the day, a dazzling smile on her face
She usually takes a bag full of books, food, and school reports
When she comes home the bag’s empty and her eyes are full of tears
But she always brings a postcard Daddy sent