Release Date: March 26th

Jack's first solo album! Ten absolutely mind-blowing tracks, stripped down to their pure essentials (voice, piano and/or guitar, with a touch of harmonica or steel guitar here and there), recorded, mixed and mastered in Paris by Bernard Natier (Montreux Jazz Festival, Rita Mitsouko, Les Innocents, Genesis…).

The Outsider

Jack Art

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The Life and Times of Candy Rose (2017)

The Jack Art Band

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11 songs telling the story of a reckless girl...

The Jack Art Band’s first album, The Life And Times of Candy Rose is a concept album based on snapshots of the life of Candy Rose, born at the crossroads of the 60's and 70's in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

Her highs, her lows, her sometimes broken dreams, her joys and her tears mark out the eleven songs retracing the course without concessions of a free woman. 

The album was recorded in Paris and mixed and mastered by Bernard Natier (Les Rita Mitsouko, Genesis, Montreux Jazz Festival ...).

French lyrics here