I can feel my feet burning
So many days I’ve been walking
Carrying my home in my backpack
Trying to get my beloved back
Blisters and mosquitos won’t slow me down
Nor the rain, the wind, the sand
There’s no way I’ll stop my quest
I swear it on the necklace on my chest

When I close my eyes
I still feel your skin on mine
Your heart close to my heart
Beating for a better life
You said we’d be stronger than the rest
As you put your necklace on my chest

You were my pearl, my sweetest gem
But life with me was no easy game
I could not stand you going out
I became mad, consumed by my doubts

You simply said “I’m tired of this!”
You grabbed your bag, I raised my fist
You swallowed your tears and ran away
And that was it, end of the day