She said “I don’t think we’ll meet again”
With not even a glance at the man
She took her bag and left as she came
A shadow’s gone, without leaving a trace
The guy stared at her but failed to speak
Still blown away, unable to think
Lying on the bed, dying animal
Body and soul, she gave him all
Now she’s walking in the morning breeze
It’s a brand new day, full of promises
Light and easy, like a springtime bird
Life is all ahead for a reckless girl

But at night in strangers arms
She loses herself ‘til dawn
Giving flesh, hiding love
But never more than once
Cheap motel or five star suite
It doesn’t matter as she won’t sleep
Candy Rose will be all yours
But never more than once

It’s eight a.m., Candy’s at her desk
Ready to welcome some important guests
She will surely haunt them for the day
Devastating smile will make them stray
She’s only twenty-two
But lord what she’s been through!
Highs and lows she knows about
She could cry, but she chose to shout!

When her day is done, a change is underway
Wild and hungry cat searching for her prey
Her fingers softly strike the computer keys
Looking for pleasure, whatever his name
A sweet angel in a devil’s dress
The forbidden fruit at its best
At the same time, gorgeous and pure
Arrogant and shy, not so self-assured