Smoke from the candle light
Leaves your face in the dark
We reached the final step
In this last shelter before the fall
Outside the sirens cry
They’ll catch us in a while
It’s time to share the loot
And then everything will be said

We mixed our blood, we swore we’d always be
Partners in crime, but the story ends
The story ends tonight…

We used to tame the streets
A blade between our lips
Like modern desperados
Swindle and rob for a living
Night and day on the run
A pillow on the gun
VIPs in a dump
No king size bed for bandit lovers

I can hear them approaching
I’m so scared, take the whole thing
I won’t run any longer
My bones and veins are just too tired
Run as fast as you can
But swear you won’t look back!
My journey’s come to an end
Please just keep me deep in your heart