Making lists, writing things
At first ’didn’t really notice it
But mistaking my friends names
Finally set the frame
I did my best to pass the test
Silly questions, I need some rest
Doctor looked at me with a gentle smile
But turned his head when I raised my eyes

I don’t want to feel their eyes on me
I don’t want to hear them whispering
The beast is growing inside my head
I just want to sleep until I’m dead

They said it’s a slow progress disease
“It won’t hurt”, what a wonderful promise!
My body took a rebel form
Doing things my brain didn’t ask for
Then came these words out of my mouth
Though they made sense to me, no one understood
Not even the lady with grey hair
Who was pushing my wheelchair

I feel so confused, lost in a world that’s no longer mine
Memories vanish and won’t be back
The beautiful lady you fell in love with is now gone, gone, gone

Until the end I’ll try to keep
A bit of dignity, something to grip
I’ll leave the scene in a silent breath
Mister A finally won the game
I’m so sorry for those last two years
Please forgive me and dry your tears
Be sure we’ve had a wonderful time
Deep in your heart forever I will shine