Strumming dirty chords on my old guitar
Tryin’ to make a wish upon a star
I’d give everything I got to go back in time
Way back thirty years, when you were mine
Can't believe what I saw yesterday
As I was driving along St Patrick’s Way
A pale and skinny gal in a patched up coat
Queuing, head bowed low, at the Food Bank truck

Now you’re walking on a thin line
Like a lonely acrobat
Hardly standing on your feet
A lost soul in the street
A pearl no longer shines
See, your shadow leads your life
A dove whose wings have burned
From flying too close to the sun

You had everything you wanted in your hands
You were smart and pretty girl, a muse for all the bands
Your future was bright, big blue sky in sight
But somehow you fucked it all that’s a fact!

What happened to you Candy Rose?
You chose the short way home
But it turned out to be a bad trip
You let all your chances slip

Don’t hide your smile behind a darkened face
I’m sure you still dance with passion and grace
Can’t promise endless love and happiness
But my heart is big enough for the both of us